Orafti P95 Oligofructose Powder - 25kg Bag
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Orafti P95 Oligofructose Powder - 25kg Bag

Product Code: 18-P95

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Oligofructose is an inulin-type fructan and is derived from Inulin through partial enzymatic hydrolysis. This conversion is a process that occurs naturally within the chicory root towards the end of the harvest. It can therefore be said to be of 100% vegetable origin. After enzymatic hydrolysis, purification is continued in order to meet even the highest quality requirements, including those for infant nutrition.

With a sweetness profile of minimally 30% that of sucrose, the benefits reach beyond the nutritional benefits of fiber. Its mildly sweet taste and sugar-like technical properties makes it the perfect natural sugar replacer. Moreover it also allows for calorie reduction and a higher fiber content. By imparting a delicate natural sweetness, it is often combined with high intensity sweeteners to create a more balanced and sugar-like palate without any off-taste.

The best soluble dietary fiber – even better than sucrose! This facilitates easy processing without the necessity of having to implement any changes to the production process. A shorter chain inulin that is available in five different varieties with different fiber content and sweetness levels. It is particularly useful and often applied when high solubility and a natural sweetness profile are needed.

Comes in a 25kg bag.

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