Domino Brownulated Granulated Sugar - 50 lb Bag
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Domino Brownulated Granulated Sugar - 50 lb Bag

Product Code: 00976

1x $66.23 /Bag
12x $64.02 /Bag
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MSRP : $44.15 /Bag
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Brownulated Brown Sugar is an all-natural, premium, high quality, free-flowing brown sugar that is 100% soluble in cold water and resistant to caking. The light brown color, sweet clean flavor, and smooth caramel aroma complement and enhance light, medium and robust sweet and savory flavors. Brownulated® Brown Sugar's ability to rapidly wet-out provides resistance to caking, facilitate automatic batching, and their uniform color makes it ideal for use in liquid and dry blending. It adds body and mouthfeel to conventional and natural bakery, cereal, confections, prepared foods, soups, and seasonings foods applications.

Comes in a 50 lb bag.

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