Guar Gum Food Grade 5000cP 200 mesh - 25KG Bag
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Guar Gum Food Grade 5000cP 200 mesh - 25KG Bag

Product Code: 24-9000300

1x $88.44 /Bag
8x $85.49 /Bag
16x $82.54 /Bag
32x $79.59 /Bag
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Guar Gum has countless purposes across all food groups. In meat, it acts as a binder, while in condiments, it enhances stability and appearance. It finds use in soups, oatmeal, desserts, canned fish, frozen foods, and animal feed, acting as a thickener and stabilizer. In baked goods, it improves dough yield, texture, and shelf life, and prevents "weeping" in pastry fillings. In hypoallergenic recipes with whole-grain flours, it's a common choice. Additionally, it thickens dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese, and maintains texture in ice creams and plant-based milks.

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