Orafti GR (Granulated Inulin) - 25kg Bag
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Orafti GR (Granulated Inulin) - 25kg Bag

Product Code: 18-GR

1x $245.54 /Bag
10x $237.36 /Bag
20x $229.17 /Bag
40x $220.99 /Bag
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Inulin-type fructans, such as Orafti Inulin, occur naturally in a great number of plants and vegetables, though the chicory root is a particularly wealthy source. As it is extracted through hot water processing, chicory root is of 100 % vegetable origin. After extraction, purification takes place in order to meet even the highest quality requirements, including those for infant nutrition.

Comes in a 25 kg bag.

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