Blackstrap Molasses - 3100 lb Tote
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Blackstrap Molasses - 3100 lb Tote

Product Code: 55098PSH

1x $1,634.55 /Tote
2x $1,580.07 /Tote
3x $1,525.58 /Tote
4x $1,471.10 /Tote
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Blackstrap molasses, a deep syrup resulting from sugar cane refining, is crafted during the third boiling of sugar syrup. Renowned for its bold taste and nutrient density, it finds common use as a sweetener in baking, marinades, sauces, and beverages, while also serving as a nutritional boost.

This Kit Contains:
  • Misc Slip Sheets for totes (x 1)
  • Container Tote HDPE (x 1)
  • Black Strap Molasses Bulk (IMP) (x 3100)
  • WIS Procuction Charge - Totes & Tankers (x 3100)