Brifisol 85 - 50 lb Bag
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Brifisol 85 - 50 lb Bag

Product Code: CH585

1x $45.03 /Bag
10x $43.53 /Bag
20x $42.03 /Bag
40x $40.53 /Bag
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The versatile phosphate blend offered facilitates moisture retention and extends the shelf-life of food products. It plays a crucial role in achieving favorable meat pH, essential for natural uncured color development, and can be applied to any muscle meat through various methods such as marinade, injection, or tumbling. Additionally, it stabilizes food texture and color, ensures excellent protein extraction, and offers protection against storage purge. This blend also reduces translucency in frozen seafood and can be applied in either dry or slurry form to emulsions, proving highly effective in maintaining color and moisture retention in case-ready meat.