Clover Honey - 1 lb Jug - 12 pack
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Clover Honey - 1 lb Jug - 12 pack

Product Code: 21511PSH

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Clover honey originates from bees that predominantly gather nectar from clover blossoms, offering a widely favored choice among honey varieties. Renowned for its gentle sweetness and pale hue, it boasts a subtle floral scent and smooth consistency. This honey type is frequently utilized as a wholesome sweetening agent in a range of culinary delights, including teas, baked treats, and dressings.

This Kit Contains:
  • Closure flip cap white (Vita 3lb +) (x 12)
  • Label Honey CL 1lb (Some Honey) (x 13)
  • Label Honey 1 lb Nutritional (x 12)
  • Container jug 1 lb plastic (Jim's Queenline) (x 1)
  • Packaging Box 1lb Queenline jugs (Jim's) (x 1)
  • WIS Procuction Charge - Bears / Sm Pack (x 12)
  • Blend Tank 1lb (PSH) (x 12)