Corn Syrup 63DE - 650 lb Drum
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Corn Syrup 63DE - 650 lb Drum

Product Code: 63CSD055

1x $484.76 /Drum
2x $468.60 /Drum
3x $452.44 /Drum
4x $436.28 /Drum
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Corn syrup 63DE, often referred to as "63 Dextrose Equivalent," is a type of corn syrup with a high dextrose equivalent value. This value indicates the percentage of dextrose (a type of glucose) present in the syrup. In the case of corn syrup 63DE, it means that approximately 63% of the syrup's carbohydrates are composed of dextrose. This syrup is commonly used in food and beverage production as a sweetener, thickener, and moisture-retaining agent. It is particularly favored in industries such as baking, confectionery, and brewing for its ability to enhance sweetness, texture, and shelf life in various products.

This Kit Contains:
  • Corn Syrup 63DE "Globe" Bulk (ING) (x 650)
  • Utilities - Drum (x 1)
  • Packaging Cap Ex - Drum (x 1)
  • 55 gal Drum w / lid (x 1)
  • Pre Printed ICI Laser Label 8x6.5 Sheet (West) (x 1)
  • Enviro NL-2 Padlock Seals 18" SS (Tyd) (x 1)