Crystalline Fructose Southeast Sweetener - 25 kg Bag
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Crystalline Fructose Southeast Sweetener - 25 kg Bag

Product Code: 30050SE

1x $33.68 /Bag
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40x $30.31 /Bag
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Crystalline fructose is derived from crystalline glucose through a process involving isomerization, crystallization, and dehydration. Known for its intense sweetness, it's about 1.2 times sweeter than cane sugar, rising to 1.8 times sweeter at lower temperatures, reducing the need for large quantities in food products. Often used in low-calorie foods and acid milks, it provides quick energy without relying on insulin for absorption, making it suitable for sports and energy drinks to enhance athletic endurance. With the lowest glycemic index among common sugars, crystalline fructose is an ideal choice for diabetics. Additionally, its solid form makes it convenient for transportation and storage.