Cyanuric Acid Granuels - 100 lb Blue Drum
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Cyanuric Acid Granuels - 100 lb Blue Drum

Product Code: 108-80-5D

1x $106.97 /Drum
5x $103.40 /Drum
9x $99.83 /Drum
18x $96.27 /Drum
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Cyanuric Acid is a chemical compound commonly used in hot tubs and swimming pools. Made up of Nitrogen and Carbon atoms, Cyanuric Acid acts as a stabilizer for chlorine by acting as a shield from intense UV rays. Cyanuric Acid can be added to pool water to maintain appropriate chlorine levels over time, which is essential in outdoor pools and hot tubs with high sun exposure. By acting as a stabilizer, Cyanuric Acid helps prolong the effectiveness of chlorine in the water, ensuring the pool remains healthy and safe for swimming.