Dehydrated Soy Sauce SN1 - 50 lb Box
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Dehydrated Soy Sauce SN1 - 50 lb Box

Product Code: 05146

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Dehydrated soy sauce powder delivers a robust, concentrated flavor with a distinct brewed aroma. Its golden tan appearance and free-flowing texture make it versatile for various culinary creations. Maltodextrin serves as the carrier in the spray-drying process, ensuring excellent flavor retention during heat processing and freezing. This soy sauce powder is heat fusible, dispersible, and soluble in water, allowing for easy incorporation into recipes. Whether reconstituted for use in traditional soy sauce applications or utilized directly in dry formulations, it adds depth to dishes like soups, bouillon, sauces, dips, seasoning rubs, condiments, snack coatings, and cured meat products.