Light Amber Honey - 6 / 5lb Case
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Light Amber Honey - 6 / 5lb Case

Product Code: 30016PSH

1x $61.89 /Each
15x $59.82 /Each
30x $57.76 /Each
60x $55.70 /Each
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Light Amber Honey is known for its delicate flavor and pale golden hue. With a soft sweetness, Light Amber Honey is incredibly versatile in the kitchen. Whether spread on toast, drizzled over yogurt, or used to sweeten beverages like tea and coffee, its mild taste makes it a popular choice. It's also widely used in baking, seamlessly complementing other ingredients. From sauces and glazes to granola and parfaits, light amber honey is a kitchen essential.

This kit contains:
  • Container jug 5 lb (x 6)
  • Packaging Box 6 / 5lb LA Honey (x 1)
  • Closure cap 38mm white (Phoenix) (x 6)
  • Label Honey LA 5lb (x 6)
  • Honey Raw Light Amber max 85 Pfund Drum (x 0)
  • WIS Procuction Charge - Food Service + Pails (x 1)

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