Light Amber Honey 60 lb Pail (PSH)
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Light Amber Honey 60 lb Pail (PSH)

Product Code: 30060PSH

1x $102.29 /Pail
6x $98.88 /Pail
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24x $92.06 /Pail
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Light Amber Honey is recognized for its gentle taste and light golden color. Its subtle sweetness makes it highly adaptable in various culinary applications. Whether you're spreading it on toast, adding a drizzle to yogurt, or sweetening drinks such as tea and coffee, its mild flavor is widely appreciated. Additionally, it's a popular choice in baking, harmonizing effortlessly with other ingredients. From sauces and glazes to granola and parfaits, light amber honey is a must-have ingredient in the kitchen.

This Kit Contains:
  • Label Honey LA 60 lb (x 1)
  • Container Pail 5 gal w / plain lid (x 1)
  • WIS Procuction Charge - Food Service + Pails (x 1)
  • Honey Blend Tank 1lb (PSH) (x 60)