Salad Style Yellow Mustard - 425 lb Drum
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Salad Style Yellow Mustard - 425 lb Drum

Product Code: 976D

1x $311.10 /DRM
2x $300.73 /DRM
3x $290.36 /DRM
4x $279.99 /DRM
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Salad-style mustard is a type of mustard that typically has a smooth texture and a mild, tangy flavor. It is often used as a condiment for salads, sandwiches, and other dishes where a milder mustard flavor is preferred. Salad-style mustard is usually made from mustard seeds, vinegar, and other seasonings, and it may come in various forms such as prepared mustard or mustard dressing. It adds a zesty kick to salads and dressings without overpowering other flavors.