Some Honey Spoons - Clover 8 - 50 ct Case
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Some Honey Spoons - Clover 8 - 50 ct Case

Product Code: 21501PSH

1x $144.00 /Case
18x $139.20 /Case
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70x $129.60 /Case
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Honey Spoons made from clover honey offer a delightful way to sweeten beverages or enjoy as a treat on their own. Made with pure clover honey, these spoons slowly dissolve when stirred into hot drinks like tea or coffee, infusing them with a rich, floral sweetness. Clover honey, known for its light color and mild flavor, lends a subtle and pleasant taste to these convenient honey spoons. Perfect for adding a touch of natural sweetness to your favorite beverages, these honey spoons are a convenient and delicious alternative to traditional sweeteners.