Superior Rust Free Salt Pellets - 40 lb Bag
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Superior Rust Free Salt Pellets - 40 lb Bag

Product Code: SR40

1x $8.60 /Bag
16x $8.32 /Bag
32x $8.03 /Bag
63x $7.74 /Bag
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Superior Rust Free Salt Pellets are crafted with precision for regions prone to high iron concentrations, standing as a formidable defense against unsightly rust stains on a variety of surfaces including tubs, toilets, sinks, dishes, and cookware. Their unique pillow-shaped composition ensures optimal performance by thwarting common issues like mushing, bridging, and channeling. By enhancing the purity of the resin bed, these pellets not only minimize operational expenses but also contribute to a cleaner water softening process. Certified to meet the stringent standards of NSF/ANSI 60, they are deemed safe and effective for use in water softeners, ensuring superior quality and performance.