Ultra-Pure Bestate-DP2 - 2875lb Tote
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Ultra-Pure Bestate-DP2 - 2875lb Tote

Product Code: 4224DP2

$3,970.41 /Tote
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Bestate is a specialized antimicrobial salt created for fresh pork, beef, and Ready to Eat (RTE) meat and poultry products. These salts are recognized for their superior taste and act as antimicrobial agents, effectively prolonging the shelf life of a variety of meat products. A crucial component of Bestate's offerings is their concentrated DKP, UltraPhos, which is emphasized as a vital ingredient enabling the cost-effective coextrusion process in food manufacturing. Bestate's broad selection of products and their expertise in blending position them as a valuable resource for managing listeria and other pathogens found in meat products. Moreover, their products are purported to enhance the shelf life, yield, texture, and color of meat and poultry items.

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