SORBO Sorbitol Solution USP / FCC - 595 Lb Drum
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SORBO Sorbitol Solution USP / FCC - 595 Lb Drum

Product Code: 70SORD055

1x $577.96 /Drum
2x $558.03 /Drum
4x $538.10 /Drum
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Sorbitol Solution USP/FCC is a sorbitol commonly used as a sweetening agent and texturizing agent in various food and pharmaceutical products. In the form of a clear, colorless liquid, Sorbitol Solution is highly soluble in water and has a sweet taste. It is utilized in food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and oral care products for its ability to retain moisture, enhance flavors, and improve the texture of products.

This kit contains:
  • Utilities - Drum (x 1)
  • Packaging Cap Ex - Drum (x 1)
  • SORBO Sorbitol Solution USP / FCC Bulk (ING) (x 595)
  • 55 gal Drum w / lid (x 1)
  • Pre Printed ICI Laser Label 8x6.5 Sheet (West) (x 1)
  • Enviro NL-2 Padlock Seals 18" SS (Tyd) (x 1)

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