Staleydex 333 Dextrose Sweetener - 50 lb Bag
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Staleydex 333 Dextrose Sweetener - 50 lb Bag

Product Code: 200350

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STALEYDEX Crystalline Dextrose is a crystalline dextrose produced through the total hydrolysis of corn starch. It is ideal for prepared food mixes requiring a dispersing agent, bulking agent or sweetener. Available as a crystalline white powder with a refreshing sweet taste, it has a nutritive value of 4/Kcal per gram of dry matter.

STALEYDEX Crystalline Dextrose can be used as a sweetener or fermentable sugars source in applications such as confectionery, bakery mixes, beverages, ice-cream, dessert powders, and processed meat. It can also be used to provide the most appropriate osmolality for energy enrichment in a variety of dietetic and enteral foods.