Textaid A - 50 lb Bag
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Textaid A - 50 lb Bag

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Textaid A modified starch is a coarsely ground instant starch that is easily dispersed and imparts a pulpy or grainy texture to both high and low acid foods. Textaid A modified starch partially hydrates in cold water but requires moderate heating for complete development of texture. This desirable "pulpy" or "grainy" characteristic is retained even after extended retorting in both high and low pH food products. The pulpiness imparted by Textaid A modified starch allows it to be used to simulate tomato and fruit pulp in food systems. Textaid A modified starch is primarily recommended as a texturizer and not as a thickener. Textaid A modified starch should not be subjected to a milling or grinding operation as this will reduce its textural effect. It is not advisable to add Textaid A modified starch to a hot mix as some lumping may occur.

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